Yesterday we decided to spend Valentine’s Day hitting the thrift stores, and wow did it pay off! Check out what I picked up!

The first find was a beautiful Miranda Sensorex II SLR in its (n)ever-ready case. It was a bit pricey at $16.00US, but much worth it. I’ve never seen any Miranda cameras outside of the internet. This one is gorgeous and it works perfectly. (apologies for the iPhone photos. I’ll post better ones once I’m at my place!) Bam!


My second, and more remarkable find came toward the end of our thrift store sweep. Yes, a Yashica T3 Super D. See the price in the foreground? Yes, with tax it cost a mindbending $1.28US!! We stopped to pick up a battery to test the T3, so you can say my total price was 12.00 for camera and battery. There’s a roll of Fuji Superia 400 in it, but the battery has been dead long enough for the frame counter to lose its place in the roll. We shall see how this baby works!