Stitches South 2010 Day One

I woke up at about 9am to find that Matt was already awake. No sleep for him, but he was able to finish his butthurt project for Stitches. Rubberhoars must all bow to the acrylic Pea Pod Hat in adult size (pictures to come soon). We refer to it lovingly as the Pod People Hat. We laughed at the awesomeness, then I went downstairs and made some coffee.

After much coffee, we showered and headed out for lunch so we wouldn’t be shopping on an empty stomach. Cici’s Pizza buffet, thankyouverymuch, then off to Stitches! Once we arrived at Cobb Galleria, we bought our admission passes and headed in to the market. Right away, we were met with hugs by Bumblebee from Ravelry (sorry I can’t remember your real name, sweetie!). After talking a bit, we  started browsing the market. One thing we noticed almost instantly was the diversity of the booths this year. There were many who were at Stitches last year, but this year there were some new ones that were very exciting. It seems that vendors this year traded real estate for heavier stock in a smaller booth, which only makes sense.

For fear of crossing WAY into the territory of the Teal Deer, I’ll make a list of highlights.

  • Meeting Dawn (Tatmia) and Rebecca (ZanyBookGirl) after the Ravelry Party Thursday night. Always great to see you, Dawn, and I still want to learn how to spin a bit!
  • Having my picture taken an odd number of times, including having a photo of me licking Bob, the Ravelry Mascot (in poster form), that went on to be released into the Twitterverse.
  • Meeting Bumblebee from the Ravelry Party as well, then seeing her again as we worked on the “Big Sock.
  • Finding Hiya-Hiya needles within minutes of entering the building. That booth also had some harder-to-find Susan Bates needles and hooks. Score!
  • Seeing TigerB from Ravelry’s LSG community. Love her!
  • WE BOUGHT BUGGA!!! (photos to come of that little expenditure)
  • Meeting a Stitches instructor/designer whilst on a smoke break.  She’s Debbie, a designer with FiberTrends. She was there teaching the introduction to  knitting class and an introductory class for lace knitting. She was so incredibly cool.
  • Seeing the author of Knitting With Balls, Micheal Del Vecchio. We didn’t stop to chat, but we will!

No Stitches today, as I have to do my duty and show up for work. Tomorrow, though, Matt and I will hit the market with a venageance. There are needles to be bought. There may also be more Bugga. We are totally hooked on this yarn.

That’s all for now, but I’ll update again Sunday evening.