Taking Care of the Lawn

Visiting my dad at my sister’s place was a bit of an experience. I hadn’t been close to a horse since I was five or six years old.  Now there’s a whole “herd” of them living on the property she shares with her cousin. It was very strange being awakened by the sound of up to seven  horses galloping across the property in the morning. I’m not that much of a city boy, but it was something brand new to me. The morning after I arrived at my sister’s place, I decided to go see how cooperative these horses would be to me taking some photos.. the answer was “not very cooperative” unless I was a fair distance away. Oh, well. Still managed to get some good shots of them in spite of their diva personalities.





The hilarious thing about these photos is that they’re being taken in the “front yard.” That shows how rural this place is. One thing for sure, you might be star struck when you first see these beauties.. but you’d still better watch your step.


What Do You See From Your Window?

  These were all taken on a cold Winter evening over the course of a spectacular sunset. I had already taken a few shots of the sweetgum balls you see in the first photo, so my AE-1 was already out and ready for more pictures. I looked out my window and saw a sunset that seemed to become more glorious by the second. The sky close to the horizon started to take on the color of lava running out of a volcano.

Sweetgum balls! This was the first time I ever saw them on the tree! Normally, I found them on the ground with my bare feet. Oops.



Vignetting below, presumably from shooting wide-open aperture.



The photo below looks like it was taken on another planet, if you ask me. The orange and red areas of the sky give a sense of distance in an unexpected way.



The photo below is one of my favorite photos. Everything lined up to give me all the elements I wanted. How often does that happen? (A tripod and zoom lens didn’t hurt either.)