Found New Orleans Slides (Part 2)

I gave a bit of a break between posts of these thrift store slides so I wouldn’t inundate the feeds of those of you who follow me. Here’s another round of them. Incidentally, if anyone knows where in New Orleans this first slide was taken, I’d love to know. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy these!

The location in this first slide is a mystery to me. Any help in naming this building or location in New Orleans would be appreciated!


This next slide was taken, as you might guess, in Cabildo Alley. Notice the Kodak sign outside the shop? How cool is that? If you do a Google Maps search on this location, you’ll find it looks almost the same today as it did decades ago when this slide was taken. Sadly, the Kodak sign is no longer there, but that seems to be the way with Kodak signs as of late. (Keeping the faith, Kodak!)


This next slide was taken at some restaurant in New Orleans, but I have no idea which one. Anyone have a clue?

This next slide, of course, shows Antoine’s Restaurant. According to Wikipedia, this is the oldest family-run restaurant in the United States. It opened in 1840! How about that!

One of the best things about these slides is the automobiles in them. Big land yachts!

I hope you enjoyed installment two of these slides. I wish I could go back in time to be standing with the person who took these images. I’d love to see what camera(s) they used, which film(s) they used, and so on. I’d like to think we’d have a blast. See you next time!


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