New Orleans 1971 and Before (Thrift Store Slides)

The only thing that sometimes gets between me and shooting film is my love for going to thrift stores to find treasure. Preferably, I find mid-century pottery and film cameras. This past week, though, I found a treasure that was different than anything I’d found up to this point. In the book room of a store right up the street from where I live, I was perusing a wicker basket of old postcards and travel guides. Behind all of this in the basket was a plastic bag full of slides. I saw some of them were labeled “Louisiana,” so I had to pick them up. I finally got around to scanning them last night. They’re dirty. They’re scratched. One of them even has a puncture wound. Some of them seem to have shifted in color/hue. All of them are excellent.










None of these are my work, obviously. The latest ones were made a year or two before I was born. I’m merely sharing a find. Credit goes to whoever out there in the world originally took these photos. There are thirty of these, so I’ll break them up into several posts over the coming days. I hope you enjoy them. Interestingly, I have taken photos at a couple of the same spots as this mystery photographer. I’ll be posting my shots in tandem with their counterpart from these slides as I find my photos and scan them.



2 thoughts on “New Orleans 1971 and Before (Thrift Store Slides)

    1. Thanks, Trevor! Had I known they were this cool, I’d have scanned them the day I got them. They sort of got lost in the shuffle for a few days.

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