Found Film of My Own

I love reading blog posts that deal with “found film” that is removed from thrift store cameras. The images are sometimes haunting and always interesting at the least.

When I was gathering up a bunch of film rolls to be processed, I thought all of them were recently exposed. Until I got the negatives back, I had no idea that two rolls of film had been floating around my bedroom for about nine years. It was humbling to be reminded, with photographic evidence,  of a day I could only half remember. As soon as I saw the negatives on the camera store’s light box, I was transported back to this day in 2003.

The shots in this post are from a forgotten trip to Oakland Cemetery, located here in Atlanta, Georgia. The image quality has deteriorated in many of the photos, but I don’t have a problem with that. These images have been slightly softened by time, just like memories.






These were all taken with a Canon RebelTi and Fuji Color 100 film.

I hope you enjoyed them. Part two of these “found” images comes tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Found Film of My Own

  1. They have a real nice mood and colour to them, Nelson. Very nice! And nice too, to see you back! 🙂

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