Taking Little Diana on Vacation

These are from a roll of film I put through a Diana Mini. The look of the photos that come out of this camera are.. well, gamey at best. Sometimes, though, it produces some really fun shots. This was such a great trip for me, and it was definitely a different experience using this little plastic camera. Honestly, I didn’t trust it. I thought I’d get a roll of unexposed or fogged-out film from it. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

“The Bar is Open” Need I say more?


The Captain at the controls!


Lunch time!


Swimming, Fishing, Hiking!Image

Captain and First Mate


The camera is highly unpredictable, which I suppose is part of its charm. The sometimes fuzzy, usually washed-out nature of the photos is something one either loves or hates. In general, I haven’t formed an opinion yet, but I love all of these examples.


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