What Do You See From Your Window?

  These were all taken on a cold Winter evening over the course of a spectacular sunset. I had already taken a few shots of the sweetgum balls you see in the first photo, so my AE-1 was already out and ready for more pictures. I looked out my window and saw a sunset that seemed to become more glorious by the second. The sky close to the horizon started to take on the color of lava running out of a volcano.

Sweetgum balls! This was the first time I ever saw them on the tree! Normally, I found them on the ground with my bare feet. Oops.



Vignetting below, presumably from shooting wide-open aperture.



The photo below looks like it was taken on another planet, if you ask me. The orange and red areas of the sky give a sense of distance in an unexpected way.



The photo below is one of my favorite photos. Everything lined up to give me all the elements I wanted. How often does that happen? (A tripod and zoom lens didn’t hurt either.)




3 thoughts on “What Do You See From Your Window?

  1. Liking these images Nelson!
    There’s a relaxed feel to these which I like a lot!
    Great colours and the effects of depth of field give those last 3 great, er, well depth!
    Cheers, Steve

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