Oakland Cemetery: First Visit Part 2

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos I posted yesterday, especially since I’m posting more of them today. Hah!

So without further delay, here goes!


This photo is of a large marble statue located on the site of a mass burial that was the final resting place  unknown Confederate soldiers. According to what I’ve read, it was made in 1894 and is called the “Lion of the Confederacy.” (This is all according to the great and wise Wikipedia page)



I thought this was a fun photo using monuments and a skyscraper in the distance.


The photo below is of one of my favorite mausoleums in the cemetery. It’s not the “Grant’s Tomb” you read about in history books, but it’s a Grant tomb nonetheless.


To end this post, here are a couple of statues in the cemetery. Very sad, but very beautiful.




I hope you enjoy these. A couple of them are rather large if viewed full size, so if you’re bandwidth challenged or not using a 50″ screen, beware! I hope you enjoyed these photos.


One thought on “Oakland Cemetery: First Visit Part 2

  1. Great images Nelson! The skyscrapers and monuments one is cool! And that Lion is sad and beautiful! Thanks for posting these! Cheers, Steve

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