Family Portrait (of sorts)

Yesterday’s photos were from the first roll I took with my Canon Rebel Ti. These two are from the second roll I used on the same day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I was almost done with my tour of the gardens when I happened upon this little pond at the rear of the orchid conservatory. It’s usually empty, but a family had moved in. Have a look! These photos still make me smile.

We Are Family

We Are Family 2


6 thoughts on “Family Portrait (of sorts)

  1. These are very nice! There’s a certain something about these images – ah I know – shot on film!
    How do you like your new camera??
    I recently got an EOS 650. It was the very first Canon to bear the EOS title. Very basic controls, I can imagine a lot
    of people wouldn’t like it because of that, but it works very well. To be honest, when I’m using a film camera I find
    I hardly ever have to worry about exposure compensation etc. etc. It’s there on this camera when I need it for difficult lighting situations. Otherwise I just shoot and it seems to get it pretty much right.
    With my digital EOS I’m constantly having to muck about trying to get the exposure right. Hmmm…
    What lens did you use? The quality seems real good. (Sorry, I’m being a bit geeky tech-headed here)

    1. I love the Rebel Ti. To this day, it is the only camera I ever bought new. It came in a kit with a couple of Sigma lenses.. a prime and a 70-200 zoom (I think that’s the zoom range as i don’t have it in front of me at the moment.)

      I used the zoom 70-200 for the duck photos. I was pretty impressed with how these photos turned out, but know that they were the best two out of an entire roll. Such is the life of using film, right?

      It is amazing how accurate the meters on these film SLRs can be even after all these years. It definitely makes things a bit easier. I use a handheld meter with my Bronica, and I literally have to practice to get back into the rhythm of using a light meter and a camera separately.

      Oooh a 650! I picked up a poor, misused EOS 650 body at a thrift store for 10 bucks last year! It worked great after a bit of cleaning up! The thing that really threw me was the absence of an onboard flash. I never use them, but it was just interesting to notice the flash’s absence. The only cameras I’ve ever used exposure compensation on are my XA cameras that offer it because I find myself in more situations where it’s warranted when I’m carrying the little buggers around.

      My first camera was a Canon AE-1. I learned with it and its basic controls, which was great. I do find that I have trouble with my Elan II and Elan 7 because of all the extra stuff (wheels, controls, programmable modes, etc) because my fingers just get lost. I’m usually trying to just focus on the shot. I think that’s why I use the Ti more than any of my other EOS models.. it’s much more straightorward with less frill. You’ve inspired me to get out the 650 and take it for a spin!

      Thanks again for the comment! Sorry for the wordiness! I guess I enjoy camera geeking, too!

      1. Ha! Camera geeking! I know what you mean! 🙂
        My 650 cost 30 Euros – it looks brand new! I don’t use it as much as I should – I do like my point ‘n’ shoots (Yashica T5, Olympus XA2 and Olympus 35RC and a Ricoh GR1v). But the results I get from the 650 are great! It’s nice when I want control over depth of field for sure. Ahh the Canon AE-1 – nice!
        I’ve got an Olympus OM10 – my dad’s old camera – very basic but takes great photos. Would like an OM20 or OM4 or OM2… Stop already…! 🙂

      2. Haha! Steve, it’s apparent you suffer from the GAS as well! I picked up an Olympus 35RC at a thrift store in 2010 as well. I almost fell over as I paid a measly $2.15 for it. 90% of the cameras I have came from thrift stores, and some of the things I’ve picked up for almost nothing are simply amazing. In the Olympus family of SLRs, I’ve picked up an OmG and an OM10. If and when I find a couple of OM1 models, I’ll pass one along to ya! 🙂

        In fact, yesterday was a very good day for thrift store cameras. Im working up a post about my finds now!

      3. Yes I have GAS – I admit it! There’s not too many thrift stores round here – I have to rely on my local camera shop – so prices are higher than I like! That 35RC has such a sharp lens – crazy! Yes, if you see a OM1 or 2 or 20 then think of me! LOL!

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