Blurry Kitty

One of the things about using film cameras is that you don’t always finish the roll in a timely manner. My Elan II had the same roll of film in it for quite a while, which brought up a few surprises once I finally had the film processed.

Blurry Ginji

This roll was processed a couple of months after Ginji had left this world. I was a bit surprised when I got my negatives back and saw this image. I had taken several photos of him during his decline from cancer because I wanted to remember him. The photos showed him getting gradually thinner from lack of eating, and they were honestly very hard to view. Even now, his absence makes my heart heavy.

This photo, however, shows him in his prime and in his favorite place to sleep when I would be away at work. The camera blur was a bit unfortunate, but not unexpected. I was crouched on the stairs trying to take a handheld shot like some sort of goofball. When I look at this photo now, it does remind me that I do miss him terribly, for he was truly one of a kind. But more importantly, the photo shows someone I love and reminds me that there was more than sickness to remember in our brief two years as friends. The blur almost gives him an ethereal quality. Yes, I’m trying to justify a mistake I made, but the image definitely made me look at him in a different way.

I can only wonder how the photo would impact me had it been sharper, but it remains one of my favorite photos of him before he had to go.


8 thoughts on “Blurry Kitty

  1. The photo is perfect. It doesn’t matter that it’s blurred – it’s better that way I think – almost like a memory, it’s there but in a nebulous manner. As you say, an ethereal quality. I’ve had cats since a young age and have two now. I even made a photobook about them a few years ago. I took so many photos of them when I first got a camera – they were my models and really helped me learn.
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my post.

    1. Thanks, Steve. This was definitely a photo that I was disappointed with at first, but then came to treasure after a while. Cat photobook, eh? Is there a preview up online someplace? Hopefully it’s not on your blog and I haven’t dug deep enough.

      You’re welcome for the reply, and I do apologize again for the lengthy nature of my reply. The topic of your post is something that is on my mind frequently.

      1. Yes, you should treasure it!
        I’ll have to check to see if the preview is still there for the photobook. I made it ages ago…
        No, it’s not on my blog – you can rest easy!

  2. I just sort of stumbled on your blog, and am really moved this experience you had with this roll of film. I think the fact that the photograph is a bit blurry makes it all the more successful in a way. Ginji looks like he was a very special cat. It’s a wonderful photograph. I can imagine how much you miss him.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I’m glad you stumbled across my blog and felt moved enough to comment. Not to go on about it, but he was pretty special. But then who doesn’t have the best cat in the world, right? He had a pretty miserable first 6 years of life, but I like think that the two that followed with me made up for them. He was truly a happy, flirty soul. Thanks again.

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