The Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri

The Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri

Up to this point, I’ve really not added a lot of text to my posts. I’m still trying to find my voice in that aspect, so bear with me. Feel free to drop me a comment if there are things you’d like to know that I’ve not touched on.

This photo was taken during a day trip to Kansas City in early September/early October 2011. The part of town where the photo was taken is called The Plaza. It was my second trip to Missouri, and I was excited to have a brief visit to Kansas City. I really enjoyed the vibe of the town and that area in particular. I also had the pleasure of joining Matt, his dad, and his sister while taking in some of the best barbeque in Kansas City. Wow, talk about good!

Back to the photo. This shot was from the first roll of black and white film I put through an Olympus Stylus Epic, and overall I was very happy with the results. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but most of the shots were sharp and very well-exposed– the little camera definitely lived up to its reputation.

Taken with Olypus Stylus Epic aND Kodak TMAX 400 film.


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