Hello world!

I couldn’t think of a better title than the one provided, so there you have it.

Blogs, blogs and more blogs. I’ve had my share. I’ve “divided” them by subject, motivation, and even by very specific audience. This has been tiresome at best and only resulted in deserted blogs scattered across the internet. It’s time to really just have one blog and call it a day. Here are some things you might encounter– weight loss, knitting, kitteh,  photography (hence the username), matters of the heart and who knows what else. I’m not much on introductions. I’ll let the words speak for themselves so you can form your own opinion. Comments are welcome if you are so inclined. I apologize in advance for out-of-sorts posts in the start while I feel my way around alternate methods of posting. I’ll try to at least keep that entertaining, too.  My goal tomorrow? A new header.


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